The defect liability terms in accordance with the law apply. The Customer is not entitled to transfer a claim. If there are no other results, further titles of the Customer - for whatever reasons - are excluded. Creame holds no responsibility for faults that arise on Products to be delivered; especially Creame takes no responsibility for lost profit or other financial loss of the Customer. As far as the contractual liability of Creame is excluded or restricted, this applies to personal liability of jobholders, substitutes and auxiliary personnel. Apparent faults have to be reported in written immediately. However this should be implemented within 2 weeks from the delivery. The reports that are implemented after the fortnight period will be discarded. Inadequacy of quality will not be an issue as long as the delivered quality is corresponding to technical standards of digital photo development and editing. Since the technical variations in colours of image and original can't be avoided, it will not be considered a fault related to the quality.

Loss of quality: it won’t be a fault with quality had the original itself is of less quality (e.g. resolution of original image). A specific characteristic of deliverables is not agreed. Limitation of liability will not be valid if it has been an intentional effort, caused by careless treatment. Warranty does not apply if the Customer is found to be with fallacies and claims regulated by law. Typically, if Creame violates an essential contractual obligation, liability to pay damages is restricted to the incidental damage. If the supplementary performance has been carried by means of additional supply, the Customer is obliged to return the original items within 30 days on account of Creame. Return consignment of faulty goods has to be fulfilled according to statutory provisions. Creame reserves the right for claiming compensation according to legal matters. Limitation period is 24 months per delivery.